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[12-Mar-2019] New 300-360 Dumps with VCE and PDF from PassLeader (Update Questions)

New 300-360 exam questions from PassLeader 300-360 dumps! Welcome to download the newest PassLeader 300-360 VCE and PDF dumps: (208 Q&As --> 230 Q&As)

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NEW QUESTION 191 You must optimize an IPv6 wireless design to ensure that RA packets from routers can be trimmed to a minimum frequency that still maintains IPv6 client connectivity. Which configuration do you use?

A.    RA throttling B.    AAA Override for IPv6 ACLs C.    IPv6 ACLs D.    RA guard

Answer: A

NEW QUESTION 192 A wireless engineer is doing a pre-site survey. Which two attributes must match between the site survey and the production clients? (Choose two.)

A.    AP type B.    radio frequency C.    mobility patterns D.    user E.    exact location

Answer: CD

NEW QUESTION 193 A network engineer is retrofitting an existing building wired with Category 5e with AP 3800 and mGig switches. Which cable length allows for 5G operation?

A.    70 m B.    120 m C.    130 m D.    150 m

Answer: A

NEW QUESTION 194 While evaluating a post-installation WLAN deployment, problems are occurring when a client roams from one AP to another. The client bounces back and forth between APs. Which two items can be checked to resolve this issue? (Choose two.)

A.    Check if the roaming settings in the AP are set properly for non-CCX clients. B.    Check the RF levels of the first AP as the client moves toward the second AP. C.    Check the client RSSI and SNR levels for both APs at the roaming point. D.    Simplify 802.1X/EAP by moving from external RADIUS to local authentication. E.    Check that the client roaming parameters are set properly.

Answer: BC

NEW QUESTION 195 Which design limitation of dual-band WLAN must be considered when end-user devices stream real- time applications and services utilizing dual-band SSID?

A.    It can cause packet loss in the real-time path. B.    It can cause jitter and degrade overall network throughput. C.    It can cause short-term signal loss from collisions. D.    It can cause gaps in the real-time traffic path.

Answer: D

NEW QUESTION 196 An engineer is performing a predictive RF design of a typical office environment. Which value is the most likely attenuation of a cubical wall for this environment?

A.    2 dBi B.    12 dBd C.    1 dB D.    12 mW

Answer: A

NEW QUESTION 197 What is the minimum RSSI signal for a data WLAN?

A.    -65 dBm B.    -67 dBm C.    -72 dBm D.    -80 dBm

Answer: B

NEW QUESTION 198 What is the Cisco-recommended cell overlap percentage for a typical RToWLAN network design?

A.    5 to 10 B.    at least 20 C.    a maximum of 20 D.    at least 50

Answer: B

NEW QUESTION 199 An initial meeting has been scheduled for a proposed site survey of a customer headquarters location. Which two types of information would be valuable to collect prior to the formal kickoff meeting? (Choose two.)

A.    Number of branch locations B.    Plans for branch expansion C.    Number of customers D.    Business type E.    Site type (urban, suburban, external environmental sensitivity, etc.)

Answer: AB

NEW QUESTION 200 A user is running a new video conferencing application on their laptop and is being disconnected as they move from one access point to another. Which situation will cause these disconnects?

A.    P2P blocking is denying connections B.    FT is not supported by all clients C.    AAA override needs to be enabled D.    WMM must be changed to disabled

Answer: C

NEW QUESTION 201 An engineer is shipping equipment, including a battery, for a wireless survey overseas. To ensure that it is accepted onto the aircraft, the battery must comply with which standard?

A.    EC B.    FCC C.    IATA non-restricted D.    FAA

Answer: C

NEW QUESTION 202 Drag and Drop Drag and drop the WMM designations from the left onto the correct 802.1P priority queues on the right. passleader-300-360-dumps-2021

Answer: passleader-300-360-dumps-2022

NEW QUESTION 203 ......

New 300-360 exam questions from PassLeader 300-360 dumps! Welcome to download the newest PassLeader 300-360 VCE and PDF dumps: (208 Q&As --> 230 Q&As)

P.S. Free 300-360 dumps are available on Google Drive shared by PassLeader:



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