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[21-May-2019] New 300-320 Dumps with VCE and PDF from PassLeader (Update Questions)

New 300-320 exam questions from PassLeader 300-320 dumps! Welcome to download the newest PassLeader 300-320 VCE and PDF dumps: (628 Q&As --> 709 Q&As --> 724 Q&As)

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NEW QUESTION 608 Which two modes for deploying Cisco TrustSec are valid? (Choose two.)

A.    open B.    high availability C.    monitor D.    low-impact E.    cascade

Answer: CD

NEW QUESTION 609 An engineer has proposed the deployment of a Cisco ACI fabric solution to introduce automation and zero-touch operation experience to a DC network. Which type of virtualization technology is utilized by the Cisco ACI to encapsulate the traffic inside the fabric and to virtualize the physical infrastructure?

A.    STP B.    IPsec C.    VXLAN D.    NSX

Answer: C

NEW QUESTION 610 A customer has an exising WAN circult with capacity of 10 Mbps. The circuit has 6 Mbps of various user traffic and 5 Mbps of real-time audio traffic on average. Which two measures could be taken that avoid loss of real time traffic? (Choose two.)

A.    Increase the WAN circuit bandwidth. B.    Police the traffic to 3.3 Mbps and allow excess traffic to be remarked to the default queue. C.    Ensure that real time traffic is prionitized over other traffic. D.    Configure congestion avoidance mechanism WRED within the prority queue. E.    Police the traffic to 5 Mbps and allow excess traffic to be remarked toi the default queue.

Answer: AC

NEW QUESTION 611 Management has chosen to implement a top-of-the-rack data center design. Which two benefits of moving to this model are true? (Choose two.)

A.    easier per rack upgrades B.    decreased cabling costs C.    directly connected racks in the row D.    fewer ports required in the aggregation E.    fewer switches to manage

Answer: AB

NEW QUESTION 612 During an upgrade of an existing data center, a network team must design segmentation into existing networks. Due to legacy applications, the IP addresses cannot change. Which firewall deployment model meets these requirements?

A.    routed mode B.    multicontext mode C.    transparent mode D.    cluster mode

Answer: D

NEW QUESTION 613 Management has requested that all web traffic be filtered through a proxy without the client's knowledge. Which mode does an engineer use to design the web proxy to accomplish this task without additional configuration of the web browser?

A.    explicit mode with PAC files B.    transparent mode without WCCP C.    transparent mode with WCCP D.    explicit mode without PAC files

Answer: C

NEW QUESTION 614 Which Cisco technology uses the IS-IS protocol to avoid STP in the data center?

A.    FabricPath B.    TRILL C.    VPC D.    VSS

Answer: A

NEW QUESTION 615 Which two characteristics of MSDP when designing an interdomain multicast network are true? (Choose two.)

A.    MSDP is a mechanism that allows RPs to share information about active sources. B.    Any network utilizing iBGP or eBGP can use MSDP C.    In the PIM-SM model, multicast sources and receivers must register with their local RP. D.    RPs in other domains have full knowledge of sources located in other domains. E.    The MSDP speaker periodically sends SAs that include all sources in all discovered domains.

Answer: BD

NEW QUESTION 616 An engineer is configuring BGP as the routing protocol between the CE router of an enterprise and the PE router of the service provider. The interconnection between the CE and PE is direct and is provided through a Metro Ethernet link The engineer notices that attermpts to hijack the established eBGP peering session have been made by a network segment that is not between the eBGP peers. Which BGP mechanism can be deployed to protect the session from this type of attack?

A.    BGP outbound route filters. B.    BGP TTL security check. C.    BGP AS path length limiting. D.    BGP communities.

Answer: B

NEW QUESTION 617 An engineer is working on a design solution for a large hub-and-spoke EIGRP network. Which feature helps to make this design more stable while also reducing resource utilization?

A.    Qos B.    Network summarization C.    Stub routing D.    Route filtering

Answer: C

NEW QUESTION 618 A network architect is designing a VPN solution for a client with these requirements multicast supported 80% of traffic is spoke to spoke minimal configuration. Which VPN type is the best choice?

A.    VTI B.    IPsec direct encapsulation C.    DMVPN D.    GRE over IPsec

Answer: C

NEW QUESTION 619 When designing a Data Center Interconnect solution, which two statements describe benefits of utilizing A-VPLS for Layer 2 extension? (Choose two.)

A.    Redundancy is addressed without enabling Spanning Tree Protocol in the core. B.    The overlay of the Layer 2 connection on the Layer 3 transport hides any physical convergence. C.    Integrated Layer 3 technology responds upon failure. D.    A-VPLS utlzes the Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series VSS feature to provide native dual-homing. E.    A-VPLS provides flow-based load balancing over equal-cost multipath paths.

Answer: BE

NEW QUESTION 620 An engineer is responsible for the network security design of a small branch. Which security segment does the engineer propose to host the public services of the enterprise such as DNS, email, and web?

A.    remote access VPN B.    service provider edge C.    public access DMZ D.    external public network

Answer: C

NEW QUESTION 621 An ISP is offering two MPLS circuits to an office when one of the links fails. Which routing feature provides the fastest possible convergence to the failover ink?

A.    BFD B.    UDLD C.    TTL D.    Multipath

Answer: B

NEW QUESTION 622 Drag and Drop Drag and drop the Data Center traffic flow characteristics from the left onto the correct traffic flow types on the right. PassLeader-300-320-dumps-6221

Answer: PassLeader-300-320-dumps-6222

NEW QUESTION 623 An office has requested to set up a backup link to the internet. Which routing protocol helps to achieve multihorming with two different ISPs?

A.    BGP B.    IS-IS C.    eBGP D.    EIGRP

Answer: C

NEW QUESTION 624 A network engineer is evaluating an architecture that utilizes VSS for the data center module. Which two advantages of using VSS technology are true? (Choose two.)

A.    It removes the need for Hot Standby Router Profocol. B.    It removes the need to configure redundant switches with identical policies. C.    Each switch has a separate control plane. D.    It is capable of supporting live migration of virtual machines as they move from one physical server to another. E.    It adds arbitrary forwarding topologies on top of a fixed routed underlay topology.

Answer: AE

NEW QUESTION 625 An engineer is designing an OSPF network with multiple nonbackbone areas connecled to the backbone area via a hub-and-spoke topology. Each hub-and-spoke area has a large number of spoke routers connected to the hub that is functioning as an ABR to provide better segmentation. Which two actions improve the stability of this design? (Choose two.)

A.    Configure hub-and-spoke areas as stub. B.    Use External Type 2 metric: across the OSPF domain. C.    Configure hub-and-spake areas as totally stubby. D.    Implement summarization on the ABR routers of hub-and-spoke areas. E.    Implement summarization on the ASBR routers in the backbone area.

Answer: CD

NEW QUESTION 626 ......

New 300-320 exam questions from PassLeader 300-320 dumps! Welcome to download the newest PassLeader 300-320 VCE and PDF dumps: (628 Q&As --> 709 Q&As --> 724 Q&As)

P.S. Free 300-320 dumps are available on Google Drive shared by PassLeader: 2 1

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