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[28-Mar-2019] New 300-208 Dumps with VCE and PDF from PassLeader (Update Questions)

New 300-208 exam questions from PassLeader 300-208 dumps! Welcome to download the newest PassLeader 300-208 VCE and PDF dumps: (451 Q&As --> 502 Q&As)

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NEW QUESTION 436 When you configure a Cisco WLC, which task must you perform to enable central web authentication?

A.    Set the Layer 2 ACL option to None. B.    Set the NAC State option to SNMP NAC. C.    Set the NAC State option to RADIUS NAC. D.    Set the NAC State option to None.

Answer: C

NEW QUESTION 437 Which guest service requires session services to be enabled on a cisco ISE node?

A.    administration service B.    monitoring service C.    posture service D.    profiling service

Answer: A

NEW QUESTION 438 What is required to implement Monitor Mode in a wireless network?

A.    Open authentication must be configured via Cisco WLC CLI. B.    Wireless Monitor Mode policy should be enabled within Cisco ISE. C.    Monitor mode in a wireless network is not possible. D.    Cisco WLC should have this feature enabled inside the security properties for the WLAN.

Answer: C

NEW QUESTION 439 You are managing a network environment in which clients that are successfully obtain a new VLAN IP address. Which timer can you use to increase the allowable amount of time for the client to undergo CoA?

A.    keepalive timer B.    remediation timer C.    network transaction delay timer D.    minimum acceptable hold timer

Answer: C

NEW QUESTION 440 Which type of a sensor requires an embedded data collector in the switch to support profiling?

A.    DHCP sensor B.    CDP sensor C.    IOS sensor D.    LLDP sensor

Answer: A

NEW QUESTION 441 Which probe carries the IP address of the endpoint in the Framed-IP-Address attribute of the payload?

A.    DNS probe B.    LLDP probe C.    RADIUS probe D.    DHCP probe

Answer: C

NEW QUESTION 442 On which type of node does the Cisco ISE sponsor portal reside?

A.    Monitoring node B.    Inline Policy node C.    Policy Services node D.    Administration node

Answer: C

NEW QUESTION 443 Which task must you perform on a node before it can host Cisco ISE end-user web portals?

A.    Configure at least one SSID for guest access. B.    Enable Captive Portal Bypass. C.    Enable portal-policy services. D.    Enable DHCP profiling.

Answer: C

NEW QUESTION 444 Which client interface or interfaces are provisioned when the Cisco ISE performs supplicant provisioning?

A.    wireless and wired interface B.    wireless interface C.    active interfaces D.    wired interface

Answer: A

NEW QUESTION 445 When a wireless client enters the noncompliant posture status, how can it restart the posture session?

A.    It must discount from the SSID for any interval and then reconnect. B.    The wireless interface on the client must be disable and re-enabled. C.    It must associate to a different SSID. D.    It must disconnect from the SSID, wait for the idle timeout period to expire, and then reconnect.

Answer: D

NEW QUESTION 446 Drag and Drop Drag and drop each guest user login screen from the left onto the correct description on the right. passleader-300-208-dumps-4461

Answer: passleader-300-208-dumps-4462

NEW QUESTION 447 Which three options can be pushed from a cisco ISE server as part of a successful 802.1x authentication? (Choose three.)

A.    reauthentication B.    authentication C.    authentication D.    VLAN E.    posture status F.    DACL

Answer: ADF

NEW QUESTION 448 Which two services does TACACS+ support? (Choose two.)

A.    SLIP B.    ARAP C.    S/MINE D.    Native AD E.    x-509

Answer: DE

NEW QUESTION 449 Which two troubleshooting tools are available within the diagnostics tools menu in cisco ISE? (Choose two.)

A.    TCP Dump B.    Expert Troubleshooter C.    Execute Network Device D.    AAA Authentication Trouble E.    Policy Validator

Answer: AD

NEW QUESTION 450 Which action must be taken by a Noncompliant wireless client to get out of quarantine status?

A.    Disconnect from the WLAN controller and let the idle. B.    Adjust policy in BYOD portal. C.    Perform a periodic reassessment. D.    Download Posture Update.

Answer: A

NEW QUESTION 451 ......

New 300-208 exam questions from PassLeader 300-208 dumps! Welcome to download the newest PassLeader 300-208 VCE and PDF dumps: (451 Q&As --> 502 Q&As)

P.S. New 300-208 dumps are available on Google Drive shared by PassLeader:

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